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Facet Joint Injection

The facet joint injection is an injection of a long acting steroid and local anesthetic in the facet joints located in the back area as part of the bony structure. This is done by using X-ray so that joints can be identified. 
What is the purpose of this injection?
The injected steroid reduces the inflammation and/or swelling of the tissue in the joint space. This may in turn reduce pain and other symptoms caused by inflammation/irritation of the joint and surrounding structures. 
How long does the injection take?
The actual procedure takes about 35 minutes, but patients should be prepared to stay for at least two to three hours. 
What type of medication is used in the injection?
The injection consists of two medicines, Depo-Medrol (steroid) and Bupivacaine (local anesthetic).
How is the injection performed?
Patients are monitored with an EKG, a blood pressure cuff, and oxygen-monitoring device. The back is cleaned with an antiseptic solution. The injection is then carried out under X-ray guidance. After the injection, patients will be placed on their back or side and monitored in recovery room until discharged. 
What should I do after the procedure?
You will need someone to drive you home. We advise patients to limit activity for the rest of the day after injection. We discourage driving and walking without assistance for 24 hours after the injection. 
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